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A Deeper Look Into Wisconsin’s System for Identifying Learning Disabilities

It can be tough to know when your child needs more support than the average learner. That is why Wisconsin has a system in place to monitor and identify learners with a learning disability. In our new resource, Robert Newby, Ph D. shares his knowledge and experience in Wisconsin’s effort to identify possible learning disabilities and the prevention of the long-term effects through Response to Intervention. Available to LDA of Wisconsin members through the Member Portal.

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Is it possible to prevent a learning disability?

Is It Possible To Prevent Learning Disabilities?

  What causes learning disabilities? Specific learning disabilities are caused by differences in the brain that affect how you process information, whether it is written or spoken, and abilities like how you listen, think, speak, read, write, spell and perform mathematical calculations.   So what do we know about the brain that explains why this occurs?  With new technologies, scientists have been able to identify brain growth patterns, ages of cognitive capacities, and are beginning

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Parent of a New Learning Disability Diagnosis

Your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability. Now what? We know this moment can hold a lot of emotion and we are here to tell you that any emotion you’re feeling is valid. Whether you suspected a learning disability (LD) or are hearing about LD for the first time, you are going to have a reaction to the news that might be difficult to process. Here are some suggestions that might help you.

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Back to School – Student Made Toolbox in the Classroom

It’s that time of year again. The time where we purchase school supplies, take “first day” photos, and send our kids back to school. We try out new lockers or cubbies, label the folders and notebooks, and meet the new classroom teacher. Is this really all it takes to get our kids ready for a new school year? For some parents, the school prep doesn’t stop at art supplies. It includes IEP documents, conversations with

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Reaching every learning in the classroom!

One teacher’s strategy for reaching all learners.

The beginning of a school year is filled with “get to know you” projects, routine building, and understanding the school culture. Once those activities take place, it’s time to get down to the standards and skills to be mastered this year. You open the roadmap and begin to dive into all the lessons, topics, skills, supporting skills, enrichment ideas, projects and so much more. It can feel OVERWHELMING. You’ve probably already given some placements tests

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