Make Your Voice Heard

We believe “it takes a group effort to have a voice loud enough to make a difference.”

Meet Our Board of Directors

Diane Sixel, President

As the President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Wisconsin (LDA WI), I collaborate with the board of directors to prioritize activities to work toward achieving LDA WI’s mission.  

I am involved with the Healthy Children Project (HCP) and Great Lakes Lead Elimination Network (GLLEN).  I am deeply interested in working with partnership groups to increase awareness and address the issues of toxic chemicals in our water, soil and air which negatively impact children. 

I am strongly committed to improving the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities and I know it takes a group effort to make a difference. 

Linda Nack, Vice President

I joined LDA-Wisconsin to be part of an organization whose collaborative expertise could impact student instruction and provide parent resources.

My teaching passion has been providing appropriate educational experiences for all students in the public school setting, to be supportive of their families, and hopefully help build the foundation that positively impacts future aspirations. 

My dream is that students will have established necessary core skills and belief in themselves, so they follow their dreams, live productive lives and share their stories as inspirations.

Amy Bennett, Secretary

I got involved in LDA Wisconsin so I can share my experiences and educational expertise to promote self-advocacy to others. 

I have been a special education teacher for over 30 year, and continue to work with students with learning needs around the world. 

I know that working together we can change the world!

Linda Witkowski, Treasurer

I joined LDA of Wisconsin because I want to support other parents and professionals by providing quality information and ways to engage within our community.

I have first hand experience with the challenges of LD  for children in school and at home as two of my children were diagnosed in grade school and have continued to deal with challenges as adults.

I know our organization’s ability to engage and inform members will one day allow everyone with learning disabilities to be understood in the classroom and the world beyond.