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Back to School – Student Made Toolbox in the Classroom

It’s that time of year again. The time where we purchase school supplies, take “first day” photos, and send our kids back to school. We try out new lockers or cubbies, label the folders and notebooks, and meet the new classroom teacher. Is this really all it takes to get our kids ready for a new school year?

For some parents, the school prep doesn’t stop at art supplies. It includes IEP documents, conversations with school professionals, routine building practices for a major transition, melt-downs, and big emotions. The thought of beginning a new school year can cause a lot of anxiety for a parent whose child has a learning disability. What struggles will they face this year? Will the new teacher understand my child and their behavior? Will they make friends this year? 

You can’t go to school with your child and you must rely on the school support team to ensure your child’s success. That is a lot of responsibility to hand off each year with possibly new individuals each year. Your IEP or 504 plan should lay out the goals and support your child needs this year, however, That’s why we put together a Student Tool Box of items to send with your child to school. Items that will help support your child and be there when you cannot. Take a look at this resource and tell us what you think! Is there something new that catches your eye? Something else you would add to the list? Comment below!

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